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Benchmarking Elixir - List and Tuple example
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Intro In this post you will get familiar with basics of benchmark tool for elixir. As the title mentioned I am going to test elixir collection types: tuple and list. A note. For my tests I chose Benchee. But there are other benchmark tools, for example Benchfella and Bmark. Benchmark tool setup Setup is quite straight forward. Create a new t... Read more

Rails console: six ways to get pretty output

The problem Dull and difficult to read rails console output. Example: > Movie.first Movie Load (0.3ms) SELECT "movies".* FROM "movies" ORDER BY "movies"."id" ASC LIMIT ? [["LIMIT", 1]] => #<Movie id: 1, title: "Batman", year: 1989, genre: "Action, Adventure", director: "Tim Burton", production: "USA, Great Britain", boxoffice... Read more

Css: absolute power!

Css position property is powerful and it allows to create great layouts. But setting position of css elements can often be very confusing. In this post I will be writing about static, absolute and relative positions of page elements. By default page elements have static position. Static Static positioned elements are not affected by the top... Read more

Server and web host choice
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What would be a web application without a server. First and one of the most important decisions in creating web application is a web host choice. We need to take into consideration many factors: deployment options price scalability security hardware There are many more like: good tech support, add-ons, email options or customer rev... Read more

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