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CORS: a way to deal with external API
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While working on my application I decided to make some serious changes. One of them is splitting backend and frontend. Splitting frontend and backend give us couple of advantages: application scalability implementation of different design approaches possibility of choosing more suitable tools I picked only three I find the most import... Read more

Use framework or write css from scratch?

That’s a dilemma. There are advantages and disadvantages of both approaches. I eventually decided to add Bootstrap to my app. Simply because I wanted to save a bit of time. But there can be other reasons worth mentioning. Framework? Frameworks are time savers. You just add few classes to your html file and voilais! Your page gains professiona... Read more

Css: absolute power!

Css position property is powerful and it allows to create great layouts. But setting position of css elements can often be very confusing. In this post I will be writing about static, absolute and relative positions of page elements. By default page elements have static position. Static Static positioned elements are not affected by the top... Read more

Css: removing gap between inline elements

It is a common problem but it is not really intuitive how to solve it. The problem When using display: inline-block, enter after closing tag </li> creates a space between elements like one between words. e1 e2 e3 <ul> <li>e1</li> <li>e2</li> <li>e3</li> </ul> li { dis... Read more

Git: remove data from server

Once in a while I am pushing to server things I don’t really need there. Like I did recently and pushed my sqlite database. I want to keep the file localy but remove it only from a server. It is very simple: git rm --cached myfile_or_directory then just commit and push changes: git add . && git commit && git push Thing t... Read more

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