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Use framework or write css from scratch?

That’s a dilemma. There are advantages and disadvantages of both approaches. I eventually decided to add Bootstrap to my app. Simply because I wanted to save a bit of time.

But there can be other reasons worth mentioning.


Frameworks are time savers. You just add few classes to your html file and voilais! Your page gains professional look without much effort. You have built in responsiveness. Awesome!

Default styles are usually good for start. But if you want some freshness there are also other options available. You can find ready, customized versions. On Bootstrap Watch there are free themes for Bootstrap. Or you can overwrite classes and add your own styles.

You don’t have to be css expert to start using frameworks. And I would say more frameworks are good training grounds. Especially when you start looking at the source code. They give opportunity to learn from others and explore good practices.

Nice thing about frameworks are updates and improvements. For example take a look at Bootstrap, it is slowly shipping to version 4. And interesting changes are on the way.

From scratch?

Looking from another angle. When your layout is fancy and you start to customize a lot you should ask yourself if it is not worth to write styles from scratch. There are also parts of library you are not using at all. When writing your own styles you don’t have redundant code (at least you should not have :) Writing your own styles can be also a good training ground.

But eventually everything will depend on individual needs.

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