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Server and web host choice
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What would be a web application without a server. First and one of the most important decisions in creating web application is a web host choice. We need to take into consideration many factors:

There are many more like: good tech support, add-ons, email options or customer reviews.

We can distinguish few hosting types. Note: cons and pros listed below are not always a rule and moreover it is not comprehensive list. I pointed security issues where they can appear regardless of your tech skills. Also I didn’t add middle points.

Free hosting

Usually offered as trial or with meaningful limits.

Pros: It’s free!! A good start point for a new app.

Cons: You can expect slow connection speed, server naps and sometimes banners with ads.

Shared hosting

Pros: Low prices, good entry level option, easy to use and setup.

Cons: Shared resources - a physical server and the software applications. Possible bad performance and no control over performance. Security can be an issue.

Virtual hosting

Similar to shared hosting but upgraded. A bridge between shared hosting and dedicated hosting.

Pros: Other websites will not affect yours.

Cons: Security can be an issue. Shared physical space.

Dedicated hosting

Pros: You have the entire web server to yourself. Very good performance. Gives higher level of security. Offers unlimited bandwidth and disk space. Full control of server.

Cons: Cost. Requires extensive IT knowledge.

Collocated hosting

It is like a hotel for servers ;)

Pros: Full control of what server you have and full control of it. Very good performance. Gives higher level of security.

Cons: Cost and maintenance. Requires extensive IT knowledge.

Cloud hosting

Pros: Flexibility. Prices can be very good. Improved data recovery. You can buy resources per hour.

Cons: Security can be an issue. Possible bad performance. Tech support can be an issue. Harder to find source of bug or issue.


You can be your own master and build your own server. I would consider this option to be rather for hobby purposes only :)

Would you add/remove any points? Please share in comments below.

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