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BRUG - Białystok Users Ruby Group - Jan 2017 meeting hightlights

It has been a while since last BRUG meeting. As usually well organized by Adam Piotrowski. But this time in new place - Hacklag.

We had three impressive talks:

And two not less absorbing lightning talks:

Petri nets in software engineering

We started with talk about Petri Nets. Łukasz explained what it is and how it can be used by software engineers. He pointed out some advantages of petri nets - it has lots of extensions and gives flexibility in modeling. But on the other hand to start it requires some knowledge of its’ semantics.

Ruby gems: petri, y_petri, net_perti. Also you may want to try PNEDitor.

Where are those methods?


In this lightling talk we went on a journey to discover were ruby methods really live. We had closer look at class and instance methods. We checked what ancestors of objects hide.

PostgreSQL - database or useful tool?


Grzesiek didn’t hide his admiration for PostgreSQL. He shared with us his experience of optimizing projects he worked on. Among others optimizations he talked about was using partial indexes, views and validations on database side. For sure there are lots of things worth exploring in postgres.

Hanami - RoR alternative?


Bartek talked about advantages and disadvantages of hanami framework in comparison to Rails. He mentioned that hanami recently switched to Ruby Object Mapper in short ROM. He talked about differences in architecture (ie. isolated controller actions - each one is an object, separation templates from views). Hanami is still rather young framework but there are apps already running on production. He also emphasized that the community is really helpful.

You can read more on the official website here.

Quick start:

$ gem install hanami
$ hanami new bookshelf


Last but not least was a lightning talk about sql_query gem. A ruby gem that loads SQL queries from templates using ERB. And also helps to clean Ruby code from SQL strings.


-- app/sql_queries/get_player_by_email.sql.erb

FROM players
WHERE email = <%= quote @email %>
query =, email: '')

# => SELECT * FROM players WHERE email = ''

Short Summary

What I really liked about this meeting was the fact that topics were diverse. Each talk was much richer than my short summaries. So I would say this is why it is worth showing up personally on next meetings.

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